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this app close b it self

Espensive app it quit suddenly by it self wasting time and money!!!

inefficient app

I’ve tried to get into the app to do an excel doc and it won’t let me in. Says I need to log into microsoft - and when I do it says it’s not there! it is there and it’s very frustrating not being able to do what i want/need to do. Spent a lot of money for a useless app!! Shouldn’t be this difficult to have something that works.

Highly efficient app

I have just used this app just a few hours and I has already help improve my productivity and related applications! Easy to use and user friendly interface allows for better and smoother management of my documents and files to keep me on track with my projects.

I need it.

I have looking for it for a long time, this one can do I want to do. I think the function of sharing files is amazing, I can send files to others not just through email, this one can also do this. And when something change, the files will change.

Great job

I use this app for work and it's perfect so far. I can do my daily word processing and spreadsheet work without any problem. Very intuitive. It's great to be able to access all of my files and allows me to do many things. I strongly recommend it. Great product.

Enjoy using this one.

I have a lot office works to do, this one is one of the best office app which I can do a great my works between all the office app. I tell my real thoughts about this app, it's really worth to download it, trust me, or you will regret.

Worth the cost!

I always use this app. And the app is helpful for me. The developer keeps pushing features out for this app making more and more useful. I love the fact that it makes my job easier when it comes to microsoft office documents. Will recommend this app to my friends.

This one is powerful app.

I think this one is better than I think, in any case, the APP is the best I used in all the APP. In the use of the process, there are some I did not think of the function. In any case, the APP is the best I used in all the APP. In the use of the process, there are some I did not think of the function.

This one is good.

I am sure it is just what I was looking for. It's great to be able to access all of my docs and allows you to do many things. I am very satisfied with this app. and very excited to use it. It's really good that I choose this one.

Great Purchase.

I have had no problems with this app. This app is just what I needed to get some real work done on my mac. It has some great features like, keep track all changes of online documents and automatic update on local, share my documents with friends and more. Worth every penny.

Love this app

This app was a very good choice. I like that it help me easier to create Microsoft office documents in OneDrive on my Mac. I think it's very helpful for me, it is so good for my work. I really love how efficient and smooth this app is. I absolutely recommend!

Bad app

The application does not work.

mr unhappy

well. i blew it. thought the five and four stars outweighed the one stars. ooooops. maybe the clue upon download is to open a ‘ducument’. if they can’t even spell document on a word processor….well. hope to get a refund. listen to all the other angry purchases. dont buy.

Doesn’t work.

I am so livid! This app does not work. It crashes whenever I try to create a new Power Point presentation or gives me blank pages that I cannot update. When I attempt to contact the developer I get sent to a Facebook page for another person who does not have the developer’s same name. I am asking Apple for a refund. Will never purchase another app from the app store if this doesn’t get resolved.

Don”t do it!

This is not a real app. ripped me off!

I like it.

I really like this app. It is really simple to use and the great thing that I like about it is that it works very quickly. I would like to say thanks to the people that build it. Love it!

It works perfectly.

I like writing something anytime and anywhere. So I am looking for an app that can make me work with documents while on the go. I can record the things that go through. I enjoy the freedom that comes with online and mobile editing. I am a free worker, I can easily finish my work online. And my colleagues also can easily see y work. It's so convient, even though I'm not in the office, I can also do my works, I this type of doing works. I will recommend this to my all friends, I hope that they can work like me.

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